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About the Life Clinic

Life Clinic operates in Greece and provides the expertise and the most sophisticated and up-to-date fertility techniques. It has the combined advantage of being able to offer fertility treatments at significantly cheaper cost than fertility clinics in Europe whilst operating with high medical standards and practices.

Life Clinic is led by Dr Dimitris Papanikolaou, fertility specialist, who until recently practised reproductive medicine in two of the most successful infertility clinics in London (UK).

He has a special interest in immunological disorders in conception and reccurent miscarriages in early pregnancy.

About Dr Dimitri Papanikolaou

  • Former Deputy Clinical Director of Assisted Reproduction and Gynaecology Centre (ARGC), the well-known London fertility clinic with the highest IVF success rates in the UK.
  • Former Clinical Fellow of London Fertility Centre (LFC) directed by Professor Ian Craft, pioneer in infertility and reproductive medicine. Professor Craft's team was responsible for Europe's first IVF twins in 1982.
  • Former Registrar at Dundee Univeristy NHS Hospital where he practised in gynaecological laparoscopic surgery and reproductive medicine. Prior to this, he worked as Obstetrician Gynaecologist in Leeds and Hartlepool NHS University Teaching Hospitals.
  • He graduated in Medicine from the University of Athens and then moved to the UK to practice in NHS Teaching Hospitals, later on working in London's Harley Street private medical sector as a fertility specialist.
Dimitri Papanikolaou with infertility specialists Dr M. Taranissi director of ARGC (top) and Professor I. Craft director of London Fertility Clinic (bottom).