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Bitte klicken Sie auf die folgenden Links, um die jüngsten Schlagzeilen aus verschiedenen Quellen zum Thema Unfruchtbarkeit und Fruchtbarkeits-Behandlungen zu lesen.


TIME cover: Making Time For A Baby Making Time For A Baby
TIME, 15 April 2002
NewScientist cover: Reproduction revolution: The conceivable future

Reproduction revolution: The conceivable future

"...the growing attraction of IVF and PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis) "
NewScientist, 21 October 2006

Pregnancy Tests: How do pregnancy tests work?

Pregnancy Tests: How do pregnancy tests work?

"...What's the difference between pregnancy tests that check urine and those that test blood? Which one is better?... "
Medic8 - Family Health Guide, March 2007

'Silicon womb' to begin fertility trials
Trials of a "silicon womb" that holds test-tube embryos inside the womb to expose them to more natural conditions will shortly begin in the UK. Researchers say the new device may produce better quality embryos and reduce the need to harvest so many eggs from infertile women.
New Scientist, 27 February 2008

Japan scientists devise "womb" for IVF eggs
Scientists in Japan have created a "womb" for incubating artificially fertilized eggs in their earliest days, helping them grow nearly as fast as they would in the uterus.
HONG KONG (Reuters), 27 July 2007

Bone stem cells turned into primitive sperm cells
If these cells can be turned into mature sperm, it could allow infertile men to father their own children, and even allow women to produce their own sperm
NewScientist, 13 April 2007

Growth of international fertility treatment 'tourism'
An AP/Washington Times report has revealed that the market for fertility treatment tourism is booming as a solution to egg donor shortages, high private clinic costs and restrictive donor anonymity laws.
BioNews London, 05 February 2007

Egg screening doubles IVF success
A NEW way of screening out bad eggs could boost IVF pregnancy rates and give extra hope to older women who want to have a baby.
New Scientist, 03 February 2007

New IVF technique triples success rate
Genetic screening method benefits older women.
The Guardian, 01 February 2007

Oldest women to give birth deceived clinic, paper says
The oldest woman ever to give birth deceived doctors to get the fertility treatment that let her have twins at 67 last month.
LONDON (Reuters), 28 January 2007

World's first test-tube baby Louise Brown has a child of her own The Independent, 14 January 2007

Motherhood begins at 45
Improved fertility treatments - and the desire to put off starting a family - mean that the number of older women giving birth has more than doubled in a decade.
The Independent, 31 December 2006

Donor crisis 'fuels IVF tourism'
British couples desperate for a baby are travelling abroad for fertility treatment because of a shortage of egg donors in the UK.
BBC News, 14 December 2006

The changing face of motherhood
The pregnancy rate among women over forty is rising faster than in any other age group. Are these women selfish? How do they cope? And what does society have to say about them?
The Independent, 02 December 2006

'Record' IVF baby born from an embryo deep-frozen for 13 years
The Times, 04 November 2006

Improved fertility treatments: the number of older women giving birth has double in a decade.