Why at Life clinic

Purpose & Vision

Our goal is to offer a specialised and personal way of diagnosis and treatment of infertility, beyond the usual ones. Paying attention to every detail is the key factor.
Our vision is a clinic with personalised approach in every aspect. The woman is not just a barcode but the centre of our attention.

What we do different

It is important for us, first and foremost to find the reason for the individual infertility problem, and then to recommend the simpler and specific for the problem solution, rather than embark immediately on IVF ...and hoping for the best.
Life Clinic is lead by Dimitri Papanikolaou, Obstetrician Gynaecologist specialised in Reproductive Medicine and Reproductive Immunology. Dr Dimitri from the onset of his career paid special attention to the benefits of the personalised medicine as he always says “we must treat individual persons and not illnesses”

This approach was proven very efficient, had a high satisfaction rate, and has helped the couples to reach their goal easier, safer, and cheaper, an approach that is widely accepted the now days.

Dr Dimitri is pioneer in practices that are now popular trends in the IVF community, as the low dose stimulation, the longer stimulation protocols, the Ovarian support with supplements and supportive treatments, the Natural cycle applications as on treating Immunological problems affecting fertility and others.

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Immunology treatments

Over 15 years of experience in immune system therapies with pioneering protocols, proven efficiency and very safe for all!

Improve fertility

An in-depth study of the woman’s medical background, will reveal underlying problems associated with infertility

Personalized diagnosis and treatment

Requires time, experience and knowledge, but really makes the difference!


Simple and practical steps

At Life Clinic we specialise in every aspect of infertility. Our clinic offers pioneering treatments with high success rates, even in very difficult cases.
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First appointment
Complete medical assessment, Ovarian function assessment and ultrasound examination
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Required blood tests
Hormonal and immunological tests complete the initial medical assessment
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Diagnosis of the cause of infertility
We discuss the test results together and come up with a diagnosis and a recommendation for the problem
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Personalized treatment plan
The key to success and what makes the real difference! Not all the clinics are able to do it at the extend and depth we can!

Ask the Life Clinic 's experts

Get answers to common questions about immunology and infertility
01. What is Reproductive Immunology?
It is the field of Reproductive medicine, which studies the role of the immune system in the process of successful implantation of an embryo as well as in the smooth development of pregnancy. An interaction that had never been evaluated in depth until now and had underestimated its importance for the success of a pregnancy.
02. How do I know if I have an immune problem?
The problem is diagnosed in one visit, when we will take a detailed medical history (the most important part), in conjunction with specific blood tests sent to a Greek laboratory and to Rosalind Franklin University in Chicago, the university where these tests were developed by the pioneer in reproductive immunology, Dr Alan Beer. He is also the author of the famous book "Is your body baby friendly?" back in 2006. With the completion of the blood tests, we will come to a conclusion about the current immunological condition, the immunological background and we will make the specific supportive plan for it.
03. Are there side effects from reproductive immunology treatments?
Patient safety is the primary consideration for any treatment option we offer. All the medications we use, are with many years of clinical use and proven safety. Our Protocols have proven over the years to be successful and very secure for all of our patients.
04. What do I need to know before starting treatment?
Immune therapies modify the immune system but in no way induce immunosuppression. It has been found to practically bring the body into a "pregnancy state" before pregnancy, in order to successfully implant and maintain the fetus.
Like any other complementary treatments, for a successful treatment, primarily is required a healthy embryo that can give a successful pregnancy. Otherwise it is impossible to help... Although they are generally expensive treatments, their cost has greatly decreased in recent years and their safety has increased with the introduction of new drugs that are both cheap and very safe.
Life clinic is one of the pioneers in this field, with over 17 years of experience, having firstly introduced in Europe the INTRALIPID infusion to treat immunological problems and has developed specific protocols to support both assisted reproduction and natural conception where possible.
Not sure?
Ask us and we will be happy to answer you!


    What our patients say

    Janina K.

    After 5 years we finally got a babyboy with help from Dr Dimitri. In Sweden they just told us to sit tight and relax… the hormones and in the end, IVF didn’t work but the doctors here didn’t want to listen when I said that I thought my immune system was too aggressive.
    So a friend told me about Dr Dimitri and LIFE CLINIC and after we contacted him, we felt understood and hopefull. We are so thankful for all help and support.

    Julia S.

    We did several IVFs all around the world (Austria, United States, and Taiwan). I got pregnant twice, but had two miscarriages. Already after the first miscarriage I suspected an immune problem, and insisted on testing. The test result was an increased number of natural killer cells, but the only thing the clinic in Austria gave me, was intralipid infusions every four weeks after the transfer. There were no blood tests to observe my immune system. So I got pregnant, but had a miscarriage in the 10th week.

    After that, I was convinced that I could never maintain a pregnancy, and since we had still three embryos left, my husband and I opted for surrogacy in the US. We found a wonderful surrogate mother, but unfortunately the embryos were broken when thawed in the US. So I flew to California for a natural cycle IVF, but there was no viable embryo. So we needed to give up the surrogacy process.

    After two years, we had moved to Taiwan and did another IVF there. This time we had two blastocysts and had them tested, because I wanted to make sure that it was my immune system and not the embryos why I could not maintain a pregnancy. So we transferred the genetic healthy embryo. I insisted on intralipid infusions, but again nobody observed my immune system. So I had another miscarriage in the 10th week.

    Finally, after doing research on the internet, I found Dr. Dimitri and Life Clinic in Athens. The moment I saw his immune specialization, I knew that if somebody could help me to get pregnant, it was him.

    I first went there in September 2018. My first impression was very positive. Dr. Dimitri was not like all those doctors at the other IVF clinics who seemed to care only about money. He welcomed me warmly and gave me hope. He did the Chicago blood test, and planned my immune therapy accordingly.

    It took me several attempts to finally get good blastocysts. Finally, in November 2019, we got two, and transferred both in the same cycle. And thanks to Dr. Dimitri’s perfect immune therapy I got pregnant.

    During that year of visits in the clinic, Dr. Dimitri and Eleanna became like family to me. They always encouraged me and had time for me.

    Dr. Dimitri observed my blood values during the whole pregnancy and adjusted the immune therapy accordingly. I just gave birth to a healthy baby boy, and plan to come back in one year for a baby girl.

    Without Dr. Dimitri, I would not even have dreamed of one child, but he gave me the certainty that I could get pregnant and get a healthy baby. He is a real genius.

    I warmly recommend him to every couple with immune problems.

    Thank you Dr. Dimitri! I will be eternally thankful to you. You made my dream come true.

    Jessica P.

    I truly with all my heart recommend Life Clinic and Dr Dimitri. After many years of trying to get pregnant with repeatedly heartbreaking miscarriages, he helped us fulfill our dream of becoming parents by discovering my immune problem that no one had seen before. Dr Dimitri and Eleanna are wonderful, warmhearted and caring people and this clinic is so far from some other clinics where only money counts as soon as the papers have been signed. Dr Dimitri has a great knowledge in immunological problems and we directly felt a great confidence in him. Thanks to him we now have a six weeks old wonderful little son. Lot’s of love from two happy parents in Sweden.

    Fredrik S.

    After six missed abortions over a period of two years we decided to get help from Life Clinic Athens. I cannot recommend them enough if you suspect you have immunological issues (I recommend checking out the book “Is you body baby-friendly?” to learn more about immunological issues during pregnancy).
    Dr Papanikolaou and the team are great and you feel very well taken care of. We were able to carry through our first pregnancy with their help and now have a healthy little girl. Life Clinic Athens made our biggest dream come true and we cannot thank them enough.

    Gianna C.

    Dr. Dimitri Papanikolaou at has been imperative to our fertility success. He is by far the most professional, knowledgable and caring Fertility Doctors in Greece. After 8 years of IVF treatments he was able to find the perfect ivf/immune protocol that got us our baby. He also specializes in reproductive immunology which is hard to find in the United States. is not just another busy fertility clinic it is like a family. You get one on one attention with Dr. Dimitri at every appointment. He even monitored my pregnancy after I returned to the U.S. all the way until birth.

    Jenny M.

    After years of failed attempts to get pregnant and to keep a pregnancy we decided to get help from Life Clinic and Dr Dimitri Papanikolaou. We can truly recommend his expertise on immunological problems and fertility. They made us feel well taken care of and have provided professional support through out the hole process. We are convinced that without Dr Dimitri Papanikolaou’s help we wouldn’t have our wonderful little baby girl. We are forever thankful for the help we got from Life Clinic!

    Josefine M.

    Hello Dr Dimitri!

    No worries about coming back to me late! I trust you completely and after almost two full pregnancies with your support I’ve learned that you always are quick to reply when it’s really needed!

    I will do as you suggest.

    Josefine M.

    Hello Dr Dimiti, I am sending this mail to let you know that I gave birth to a healthy boy! Our daughter became a big sister and me and my husband suddenly had two children. I can’t believe this happiness is happening!! Two years ago I visited you in Athens after 7 IVF failures and that was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. I am you forever grateful to help me get these children. I cant express my gratitude enough. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dr Dimitri for president!!!!! I am so glad I met you. I wish you all luck and happiness in your life. Once again – thank you so so much.

    "Längtansresan är en självbiografisk roman om ofrivillig barnlöshet. Det är en berättelse om en sorg som aldrig tar slut, om ett utanförskap som är svårt att förstå för alla som har barn och om att leva med en längtan som dagligen gör sig påmind.

    Boken tar dig med på en personlig och mödosam resa genom ett liv som inrättas efter menscykeln, och där hormoner, starka mediciner och resor till en klinik utomlands blir vardag. Du får följa Emelie genom flera IVF-försök, upprepade missfall, immunologisk utredning hos Life Clinic i Aten, äggdonationsförsök och en tröstlös väntan på barnet som aldrig kommer.

    Gränserna för hur långt hon är beredd att gå förskjuts hela tiden och känslor som ilska, avund och bitterhet hotar att ta över. Men det är också en berättelse om mod, envishet och ett hopp som vägrar att låta sig slås ner."

    "Längtansresan is an autobiography about being involuntary childless. It's a story about a sorrow without ending, about an alienation that is difficult to understand for everyone who has children and about living with a constant longing.

    The book takes you on a personal journey through a life that is arranged after the menstrual cycle and where hormones, medications and travels to a clinic abroad becomes normal. The reader will follow Emelie through several IVF-attempts, repeated miscarriages, immunological investigation at Life Clinic in Athens, egg donation attempts and an endless waiting for the child that never comes.

    The limits for how far Emelie is prepared to go are pushed forward and feelings like anger, envy and bitterness is threatening to take over. But it is also a story of courage, persistance and a strong hope that will never die."

    Emelies bok
    "the book is available via online book stores in Sweden" or you can find it here: