It’s a treatment that aims to collect the one egg that normally is produced each cycle, following the normal monthly egg production, and without the use of medications for ovarian stimulation.

After the egg collection is followed the same IVF procedure. Fertilisation, embryo culture and finally freezing.

The IVF on Natural Cycle is advisable to be repeated for several cycles, in order to increase the number of the created embryos, so the chances of finding the right embryo for a successful pregnancy.

IVF on Natural Cycle is recommended for women with reduced ovarian function and therefore no or poor response with stimulation, usually of older reproductive age, but also for young women with early ovarian failure, having a natural cycle, even if unstable.


  • No use of drugs for ovarian stimulation
  • No need for sedation during the procedure
  • Simpler treatment compare to classic IVF
  • Better egg quality, in some cases
  • Lower cost
  • Disadvantages

  • Long-term treatment until the embryo transfer
  • Lower chances of success per cycle than a treatment involving successful stimulation
  • Multiple egg collections