Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP is a treatment in which Platelet Rich Plasma from a patient’s blood prepared in a laboratory to maintain the highest amount of platelets possible, and is injected into various parts of the body for the purpose of local tissue regeneration.
In Assisted Reproduction it is used successfully in the endometrium and ovarian tissue.

Endometrial PRP
The precise manner in which the PRP infusion works in the endometrium is not known, but there is strong evidence of significant improvement in cases of women with failed IVF treatments and in combination with a constantly thin endometrium.

At Life Clinic the results in recent years support the above and that is why we recommend endometrial PRP to every woman who has a thin endometrium during an assisted reproduction cycle.

Ovarian PRP
Ovarian PRP is recommended in an effort to improve the ovarian function, to women with premature ovarian failure or reduced ovarian reserve for the age.

In most of the cases it is very successful, although the final result depends on many factors, most notably the woman’s age, the present condition of the ovaries, and for how long this dysfunction is ongoing.

Ovarian PRP is done with a procedure similar to the egg collection under sedation, it lasts about 30 minutes and requires no further hospitalization.