immunological testing and support from home

NEW SERVICE for immunological testing and support from home

Do you feel that you have immunological problem that stops you from getting pregnant, but you find it difficult to travel during this period? no worries….
Life Clinic is now offering the option to do everything from home!
During this difficult but challenging time, Life Clinic will remain open to monitor patients and answer questions or enquiries.

…easier than ever before!

Especially for our patients from abroad, we are proud to announce the complete distant testing, treatment plan and monitoring, for all the Immunological problems affecting fertility.
Everything now can be done from home, without the need for traveling whilst maintaining our high standards as usual!

Learn how you can do everything from home..
Everything in 4 simple steps:

1st step: Initial consultation via telephone

2nd step: Preparation and shipment of the blood sample package

3rd step: Follow up consultation followed with the written personal treatment plan and necessary instructions and prescriptions

4th step: Monitoring of the treatment’s progress and outcome, with simple blood tests and personal reports.

…in details:

1st step
After the registration, we will set up the initial telephone consultation, one of the most important steps of the treatment during the consultation.
We will try to confirm potential issues related to infertility and immunological imbalance.
According to the findings, we will make an investigation plan and we will organise the necessary blood tests.

2nd step
When the final plan will be confirmed and agreed, we will direct you on how you could organise and send the necessary blood tests to the University of Chicago.
We could also send you the required bottles if necessary.

3rd step
With the arrival of the results, we will organize the follow-up telephone consultation, when we will discuss the findings and we will make the final plan for your treatment.

Also, after the consultation, we will send you a written treatment plan, according to your personal needs and the required prescriptions, so you will be ready to start at any point.

4th step
With the beginning of the recommended treatment, we will start the simple, but very important monitoring process, involving simple blood tests and your personal observations, in order to achieve the desirable results.

During this time, we will be there to monitor your progress and to instruct you for any potential changes you may need at your initial plan, in order to have the best outcome with your fertility treatment or efforts for natural conception.