Life Clinic’s webinars on infertility

We are hosting a series of free webinars dedicated to Infertility and Immunological problems.

Dr Dimitri Papanikolaou, a specialist in Assisted Reproduction and Reproductive Immunology, will explain with a simple way the role of the immune system on infertility and the available treatments.

All the participants will have the option to ask Dr Dimitri questions that will be answered during the webinar

1)Reccurrent Miscarriages. Are we facing the wrong direction?

2)The role of the immune system on fertility and infertility. Why is so important?

3)Immunological treatments. How effective and how safe can be? Benefits?

4)IVF and immunological support.  Can really make the difference in some women?

5)Egg donation and Embryo donation programs. How to select the best option for you. Tips and advises for everyone