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Women and Infertility

"No one can be blamed for infertility ..."

Getting pregnant is not always easy. 1 in 6 couples experience difficulty in conceiving and about 1 in 4 couples experience a period of infertility lasting more than a year. Causes of infertility are numerous. Yet identifying the cause of infertility in each patient is of the highest priority.

"We promise our best efforts in helping you to make your family."

At the Life Clinic we will look at your fertility problem. After an initial consultation and investigations, a tailored treatment programme will be advised based on each patient's individual circumstances so as to provide the best possible chances of success. Each patient can be assured of receiving expert, professional advice and a full explanation of their treatment options so they can be informed and in control of their treatment.

During treatment, our experienced staff will be ready to discuss concerns and offer friendly advice to each patient. In addition, professional counselling is offered to all patients to help them through their experience and expectations.

the majority of couples who are determined to become parents will achieve a successful pregnancy